American Superheroes - Played by Brits

So we all loved Christian Bale as Batman. He brought a needed gravitas back to a role that had been plagued by overacting and visible nipples. We ignored the fact that a Welshman was playing the role of probably the second most popular American superhero (after Superman himself - What's more about The American Way than Supes?).

But my British wife was absolutely gobsmacked to hear that after the next three major American Superhero moves come out (we're not counting you Aquaman), the top three American superheroes will all be played by Brits.

Let's Recap:

Christian Bale. British Actor. Batman. Yet his family left England when he was the tender age of two, so he is acceptable as an American Batman. He also played Rugby, which is probably why my wife fancies him.

Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill. The new Superman. How British is that name? Fans of The Tudors will recognize him. But yes, he does look acceptably Clark Kent-ish in those glasses. I can see it. I think he will do well, but I also vote that given a few more years Tom Welling should get his big screen debut, given how well he did in Smallville. Also, Cavill was originally cast as Superman in Superman Returns, only to be replaced when McG quit. Zach Snyder of 300 and Watchmen fame is set to direct, with Christopher Nolan producing, so I'm holding out high hopes for this film.

And then we have Andrew Garfield. The New Spiderman. In a reverse from Christian Bale's history, he was born in L.A. to a British mother, and them moved to the UK when he was three. He was in The Social Network, aka The Most Popular Film This Year I Haven't Seen, and will now star as Spiderman. To which news my British wife replies "Well, no one can be worse than Toby Maguire, but he has to do something about that hair. Note: I picked the one picture in which he is not sporting an incredible mop of hair.

So what do you think? Is it cool that British actors are playing the most iconic American heroes? Is it ok in Superman's case because, let's face it, he's already an illegal immigrant and therefore unwelcome in Arizona and Alabama, so a foreigner can play it convincingly? Comment and let us know!


The Brain said…
I'll add to the list Ioan Gruffudd (any guesses where he hails from?) as Mr. Fantastic in The Fantastic Four, which though waning in print popularity recently was a real breakthrough as the first successful "team" comic book series.

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