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Revenge of the Stupid People

So the Grammy Awards recently aired and people are of course (SHOCK) outraged at the sexualized performances. A link to some complaints that the FCC received:

Some gems (not corrected for spelling, capitalization, grammar, etc.) My comments in red.

What right do these "artists" to[sic] subject my children to this type of material?
It is not the artists, it is you who subjected your children to this type of material. If you have a problem with it, change the G-ddamn channel you moron.

You can't even let your children watch these types of programs.
No shit sherlock. What history has led you to believe music awards shows are appropriate for young children? Madonna kissing Britney?

ALL OF THESE ITEMS are offensive to me and for this reason, I will no longer allow my children to watch awards shows.
Good choice.

cbs publically[sic] aired to the public which we are all totally digusted by shots of pinks nude buttocks&shots of lady gagas nude buttocks...completely OBSCENE&IN…