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The Gospel According to Saint Bastard: Part One of a Series

Fact: Much of modern Christianity is build around concepts, themes and beliefs that are unsupported in Scripture, the Creeds, and the historic teachings of the Faith. I was born and raised in the Church, and while I try to pursue a vibrant faith and in no way have rejected my beliefs, I found that as an adult I began to question tangential teachings found in many churches, and have always tried to check them against Scripture. To people in my generation, I want to say that you have been lied to. People push “Christian” beliefs on us from the time we enter the church, and often we never question what authority figures say. The time has come to take our faith back from the followers of blind tradition and pursue a stripped down, genuine Christian faith unencumbered by useless teaching masquerading as orthodox theology. To the older members of the Church, I want to challenge you to stop passing along crap to the new believers. We only serve to invite disillusionment and rejection w…

Be glad Russia is no longer a strong-arm police state...

...because now things like this would never happen:

Police Thwart Moscow Rally

Top Five Superpowers From The Bible That Put Marvel and DC to Shame