Dear Friends,
I'm actually going to be maintaining this blog with a bit more regularity.
Accordingly, I wanted to get a better idea of my audience.

If you don't mind, please answer the following questions either by:
Email to me
Comment to this post

1. How often do you visit?
2. Would you visit more often if there was more new content regularly?
3. Would you like to be notified when I have a new post?
4. Do you know me personally?

Thanks. Look for the first in a new series of posts in a couple of days.


J said…
I keep up on a feed, so I don't visit unless I want to make a comment. (like now)

I probably would make comments more often if there were regular posts, but I wouldn't be visiting just to read the posts. (see "feed" above)

Already am.

JAG said…
You're on my google reader list.
J said…
It might also help things if you opened up comments on your blog. It's no fun to never see one's own comments.
M.R.H. said…
Hey man, here's my feedback. Hope it helps:

1. As often as you post (RSS feed, baby!).
2. I would read the new content, but maybe not click through to your blog unless there was an interesting picture/video along with it.
3. Yep. Just leave the RSS feed up and it will take care of itself.
4. Yes.

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