Us White Folks Have Our Crazy Pastors too.

The All White Elephant in the Room

This is what I've been saying ever since the Wright debacle hit the news and was seized upon by conservatives as a reason to distrust that "crazy black candidate." After it was proved we couldn't claim he was a Muslim, the religious white right has been using Obama's pastor's comments about AIDS and 9/11 to claim that he's a poor candidate. If we were to apply this argument evenly without regard to race, why have we supported candidates like Bush and other evangelicals, who have garnered the support of crazies like Falwell and Robertson. Oh, but our pastors are totally different from Obama's... These "shining lights" of the church in America didn't claim that the US gov't created AIDS or that 9/11 was chickens coming home to roost. No, they claimed that God Almighty himself created AIDs and that 9/11 was divine punishment for our toleration of abortion and homosexuality. Right, those arguments are totally different. It's one thing to claim that the all knowing, all powerful just God creates calamities to send upon the world to punish us for things we ourselves want to demonize and fight against (like THE GAYS), it's another to blame the foreign policy of America. This entire thing has devolved into a race-baiting tempest in a teapot that is disguising latent racism as a coherant, responsible political challenge to Obama's qualifications.


J said…
Actually, there is a difference between Robertson and Wright, and their relationships to Obama, and let's say Bush.

Obama has claimed that Wright is a mentor of his, and has been a part of Wright's church for many years. Obama claimed Wright as an influential person in his life.

While Bush and all the rest of the Republican party are more than happy to garner Robertson and his ilk as supporters, none of them have claimed Robertson as his mentor or claimed to be a follower of his brand of religion. (I refuse to call Robertson's filth "Christianity".)

While I agree that Obama is being smeared by this more than is warranted, there are very definite differences between the Obama/Wright relationship and the Falwell/Robertson/Bush/Republican relationships.

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