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A Romantic Evening Out

More from the land where they use the C-word on telly, (but only after 9pm, it's not like we're French or anything).

Friday night we got a friend to take the children overnight. This allowed us the opportunity to spend a relaxing evening together, and we decided to make a date of it. So what did we do, but play Laser Tag of course.

The fiancee's church was having a night out playing Laser Quest with another church. So we got to spend the evening running around a dark room lit by black lights and strobes and shooting people. Nothing like a little violence to keep a load of Christians entertained.

We played three rounds. The first was a free for all, which was well wrong, being as thirty or forty people in a small arena just becomes a bloody massacre. The next game was roughly church on church, though the fiancee and I, as well as the pastor and his wife, were loaned out to the other team due to uneven numbers. Our team won.

The last round was guys versus girls. We pre…

Glastonbury 1996

One of my mates is in this music video for Higher State of Consciousness, Tweekin' Acid Funk mix by Josh Wink. Set to video filmed by Wink himself at the 1996 Glastonbury Festival.


Since I've had a bit of time on my hands, I've been rediscovering the art of pleasure reading.

Last week, since I enjoyed Fatherland so much, I read three more books by Robert Harris.

Archangel is a modern thriller centered around the hunt for the lost diary of Joseph Stalin.

Enigma is a fictitious look at Bletchley Park's codebreaking efforts during WWII.

And finally, Pompeii is a great historical novel set in the four days leading up to the eruption of Vesuvius, filled with fascinating technical information on the Roman Aquaducts.

I'm currently reading Every Dead Thing by John Connolly, a spiritual crime thriller. More information on that when I've finished.