A Bit of the Rugger

So I've been watching the Ruby World Cup of late. Now there is a game. None of the pads and 10 second plays (or complex penalties) of American football. Lots of running, these guys are as as fit as European footballers without all the poncy dancing around a little round ball. For American football fans who love watching a long run back with a couple of well executed laterals, that is the bread and butter of rugby. These guys are fit and built, they can run like receivers and running backs, and block like defensive ends.

No wonder Sebastien Chabal is nicknamed "Attila"

The scrummages are also pretty interesting to watch. Imagine an American football offensive line three guys deep, pushing towards their opposing counterparts in an attempt to gain posession of the ball. Less of the sudden impact and ponderous players, more sturm und drang. They say the hooker (the center man in the front of the line) experiences 3,000 pounds per square inch. Maybe I like it so much because the scrum is rather reminiscent of a Spartan phalanx, an inpenetrable line of players actually playing as a team, locking arms and protecting their territory.

On that subject, we visited Ben and Renee on Saturday. Ben made a wicked hot chili with some peppers he had grown. Then we had a few Guinness and watched 300. An excellent movie. The historical inaccuracies are allowable considering the beautiful visual style (It looks like a comic book), inclusions of historically inspired dialogue: ie; a paraphrase of the exchange between Leonidas' wife and a foreign woman who asked, "how is it that Spartan women are the only ones who rule men?" The Spartan reply? "Yes, for we are the only ones who give birth to men." Really, the movie could have been absolute shite (it's not) and it would have been worth watching, if only for the experience of seeing the Spartan phalanx in action. Man, when your society centers around training men from the age of 7-21, under punishing conditions, you're going to produce some genuine hard-arses.

And for the ladies who don't usually watch macho war movies, two points:
1:) The movie reflects the considerable respect and freedom Spartan women had in their society vis a vis the rest of Greece and other ancient societies.

2:) Lots of buff man candy. (A major selling point for Renee).


Teh Liz said…
lots of buff man candy for sure...... not the reason I watched 300 *crosses fingers behind back* But it was a plus for sure!


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