Solicitation of Topics

Ok Readers: I would like to know what topics (religious or cultural preferably) you would like me to turn my ascerbic wit, cutting insight, biting sarcasm, deep perspective and all around supreme modesty on next. Consider it a jump start for my muse. I'm in the midst of a writing project, and I often find that short essays help me to regroup and recharge in between writing and editing on a larger project. So, if you read this blog at all, and I presume you do because you're the audience of this post, please comment with a few suggestions. Thanks.


the brain said…
I would be interested in seeing where you go with obesity, gluttony, dieting fads, sedentary lifestyles, and so forth. Your smoking/drinking article (nicely done!) seemed to demonstrate how it is subject to the same criticisms as any other popularly aspersed vice, but what is the proper view of the topic? How is it biblically understood? What of giants side-to-side like Chesterton? Or Lewis's view that gluttony is best understood as encompassing not just overeating, but desiring more of food than it is made for, and thereby including picky or aescetic eaters?
The Author said…
Hmmm. Gluttony. Interesting topic. Maybe the first in a seven part series on the deadly sins? I'm swamped til the end of the week with the writing contract (deadline got moved up), but I will be giving it some thought and hopefully have a piece up here in short order.
aes said…
What about genetic therapy? I just finished reading "Next" by Michael Crichton and there's some interesting issues there. The deliberate development of chimeras (animals that grow human body parts), and the discovery of the "social gene," the lack of which makes people disobedient. People lacking this social gene turn into criminals... or the revolutionaries who defy corrupt authorities.
The Heart said…
What about a discussion of "common law marriage." Can you just decide to be married? Or whether there is a moral imperative for those who live together to marry.

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