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Unwed Pregnancy and Christ's Church

For Shame

It's about time someone had the... testicular fortitude to say this to the Church. Read it and weep for our inadequacies in engaging the least among us. Then let's get on our knees before our Creator and confess our sins of hypocricy and commit ourselves to living our lives with love, remembering it is only by grace we can approach Holiness. There but for that grace goes each one of us, we were not saved because we lack the capacity to err in the same ways as our fellow man, but because of it. Our ability and desire to reject God is what necessitated propitiation. Deep inside every Christian (sometimes just below the surface) are the same human appetites which could easily cause us to conceive illegitimate children, steal from our fellows, and even, dare I say, discover an illicit love for one of our own sex. The only thing that saves us from judgment is Christ, and if we truly believed that and kept it foremost in our minds, we would experience a truly radical…