You Defied the Will of the People...

Senator Reid was quoted this week saying: "President Bush defied the will of the American people and crushed the hopes of millions...", yada yada yada.

The issue was stem cell research, but that is neither here nor there.

Our president DEFIED the will of the people in vetoing a bill the majority of American polled support? Good for him. When did our nation become a complete democracy rather than a representative republic? While the common man and the media are quick to remind us of the necessity of checks and balances, they forget that at times they themselves are the ones who need to be checked. The authors of our Constitution knew this, as evidenced by their discussions of the passions of the people in the Federalist Papers. The president's veto is not just to preserve the general will by striking down acts of Congress with which the people are not in agreement, it is also to provide a more judicious voice whose job it is to counter act the caprice and whim of elected representatives who often make their reason and decision-making enslaved to the public attitude of the moment. President Bush's veto is one example of the executive using his authority to balance out the public passions that often run hot and then cold. Plato and Publius would be proud.


J said…
Preach it man! One problem - the country's media and elite are trying to promote the idea that the USA is a pure democracy, or at least should be. It is much easier to manipulate masses than it is to change individuals with principals. And at that point it's far more of a tyranny of the politically powerful than a democracy/republic. And when the masses don't agree? Make the media say that the ones who don't agree with what they want are just a lunatic fringe.

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