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Christianity Today: Shakeup at Patrick Henry College

5 Departures on Patrick Henry Faculty Pose Question: Are Christianity and Liberal Arts Contradictory Missions?



J said…
Just watched Dead Poets Society last night - awesome movie and certainly an appropriate sort of thought considering what the college is going through.

I know that the Christianity Today article makes it sound much worse than it actually is, but it's still not a pretty situation to say the least.

Granted, a large part of the conflict was with Farris and his running of things, and it would be nice if the new prez smoothed things out, but even setting personality conflicts on both sides apart, this really does seem to be an attempt to control what people are allowed to believe and think in the college.

Unfortunately, the opening salvos of action by the new prez don't look promising.
J said…
I tend to lean pretty strongly toward the professor's side of things. What the admin accuses them about is a theological nit-pick in the big picture of things, but the main problem was in how it was handled.

Being told that you can't have certain types of discussions in class is total and complete anathema to any educator. And then having the admin jumping on top of the professors who wrote a student newspaper article by sending out email condemnations is WAY out of bounds.

After that all happened and mud started flying, both parties are culpable to different extents, but in the beginning, I really see the onus being upon the administration and Farris in particular. I'm sorry that they left, but very glad they stood up for what they did.

They finally have people coming in who know what they're doing actually have experience, but we'll see if anything changes. From the first few actions, I'm afraid nothing significant will change.

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