Listening to Freddie Mercury

by Emery

Every once in a while I think I’m lying
Take it to the bank; I believe every word I say
Then again this is when you start your prying
But there’s a thought it could be true
But this just isn’t how I imagined it would be

With these random people just asking the most personal things
And to think that somehow I could always come clean
And you shake your head just like you know what I mean

You’re a Christian tell the sinner to find repentance it’s your last chance
You believer where’s your patience?
Answer questions put on faces
What about God?
For you and for me, what about God?
All have fallen short.

(To see if it’s right or wrong to listen to this song, I don’t want you too)
(To see if you’re okay with all the words I say; it can’t be this way)
Somehow, someone is more equal than others
Depending on the words we choose to say

A glance at her too long tonight
But everything I am saying is right in your ears
We are all the sisters and the brothers
Until we find we don’t believe the same


Gary is getting drunk to forget Sarah
Sarah is stealing money from her parents
Aaron is lying straight to Jon about Megan and the things that went on
Jessica is a gossip, Laura is a slut
Derrick hits Bridget and Ben deals drugs
Seth spends all his money gambling
Joey stopped praying

It is all the same thing

We are all the same people
With sinning hearts that makes us equal
Here is my hand, not words said desperately
It is not our job to make anyone believe


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