An excerpt from Franky Schaeffer

In his excellent book, Addicted to Mediocrity, 20th Century Christians and the Arts, Franky Schaeffer writes:

"In looking at the diversity of the Scripture itself as well as its contents and form, one can hardly imagine that the Bible has anything to do with the present narrow theological sloganeering aspects of evangelical Christianity. It seems to me that if the Bible had been written along the lines of what much of evangelical Christianity represents today, instead of being the full comprehensive wonderful Book of diversity, beauty, knowledge, truth, wisdom, it would be a three page pamphlet printed on pink paper (because pink sells), possibly with a scratch and sniff section on the back to stimulate some spiritual experience while reading it. In contrast, the real Bible, the Word of GOd, is solid, human, verifiable, divine indeed." - Franky Shaeffer


The Brain said…
So true. And not just the arts - look at any field: microbiology, law, Wall Street; over the past few centuries, who was at the top? More or less, Christians. But now we are too holy to dirty ourselves with doing good hard work well, and too busy making sure people get their "fire insurance" in case they die to be the best in our fields. "Addicted to Mediocrity" says it all.

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