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Thank YOU Jon Stewart

As many of you know, The Daily Show June 27th Episode featured Jon Stewart's interview with Hanna Rosin, author of a New Yorker article about PHC. A full transcript appears below.

Jon Stewart: Welcome Back, my guest tonight, a reporter from the Washington Post and the author of an article in the June 27th issue of the New Yorker called “God and Country.” Please welcome to the program Hanna Rosin.

Nice to see you, come and sit down.

Let’s get to it, the article is “God and Country,” tell me what you did for the article.

Hanna Rosin: So I spent about three months at a place called Patrick Henry College which is a college in Virginia which is supposed to be like a Harvard for Homeschoolers. It’s a school designed for Conservative homeschooled Christian kids and its supposed to train them for “careers of influence” is how they put it, and that mostly means politics. So it hooks them up with internships in Washington, they work in Congress, a lot of them work in the White House and you k…

Jaffa Versus Mansfield

Does America Have A Constitutional or A "Declaration of Independence" Soul?By Thomas G. West.Posted November 29, 2002This essay* appeared in Perspectives on Political Science 31 (Fall 2002), 235-46. Reprinted The Claremont Institute.What were the original principles of the American Constitution? Are those principles true?Many historians and political scientists write about the first question. Scholars are never shy about telling us what happened in the dead-and-gone eighteenth century. But few of them think it is even worth discussing whether the Founders' principles are true. For example, in a review of my book Vindicating the Founders, historian Joseph Ellis accuses me of having committed "sins of presentism." My error, as he cleverly puts it, is believing "that ideas are like migratory birds that can take off in the eighteenth century and land intact in our time." Ellis does not even try to refute the Founders' principles or their arguments, su…