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Stand Up

"It's time to prove to your friends that you're worth a damn. Sometimes that means dying. Sometimes that means killing a whole lot of people." - Sin City


What I'm doing...

Listening to: The Rolling Stones/The Who/Zeppelin

Reading: The Art of Deception by Kevin Mitnick

Watching: Almost Famous

Tin Soldiers Into the Border Inferno

Read this article.

"Nearly 500 volunteers have already joined the Minuteman Project, anointing themselves civilian border patrol agents determined to stop the immigration flow that routinely, and easily, seeps past federal authorities. They plan to patrol a 40-mile stretch of the southeast Arizona border throughout April when the tide of immigrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border peaks."

As if the Border Patrol doesn't have enough to do, now it has a bunch of Rambo-wannabes that will be doing devil-knows-what. I wonder if these guys will rethink their "deployment" after the first time they run into a particularly frustrated drug gang who doesn't like the idea of play-soldier gringos interfering with their commerce.

NBPC President Bonner said "if anything goes wrong, God forbid, someone does injure an agent, this government is going to be turning both barrels on them and come after them with a vengeance." To which I can only add, Amen.

For the Naysayers....

This says it all.