Bread and Circuses: An Introduction

"'Bread and Circuses' is the cancer of democracy, the fatal disease for which there is no cure." - Robert Anson Heinlein.

You've come to this blog because you want to know what and how I think. Whether you agree or disagree with my thoughts is irrelevant, you're still curious.

Bread and Circuses may be an odd name for a blog. Such a title seemed apropos because A: It sounds cool, and B: The concept of 'Bread and Circuses" is intrinsically linked with Roman entertainment. They were the tools of demagogues, instrumental in buying off an easily contented populace. Blogging seems to have a strong entertainment aspect to it. At the same time, there are strong aspects of demagoguery in it, albeit now a democratic demagoguery.

Everyone can have a blog, anyone can read them. Yet a common theme is that blogs elevate the opinions of the masses to an equally exalted position, without any Platonic standard of excellence. Yet the blog also presents a powerful tool to push discussion of the higher minded goals of human reason, "The Good" or "True Truth."

Anyway, I hope that this blog will provide stimulating and thought provoking material for a dialogue about philosophy and culture. Do not expect mindless "Humorous News of the Week," and do not expect to always agree with my writings, no matter what ideological pigeonhole you may find yourself reading from. Take me with a grain of salt. With that, I welcome you to my personal internet soapbox.

P.S. If I think something needs explanation or prologue, I will provide one. Otherwise, assume either I don't care to give one, the subject does not need one, or that I am, as I will often be, posting to provoke thought, which might very well include posting material with which I do not entirely agree or identify.


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