The Bomb!

Of course, the whole point of a Doomsday Machine is lost, if you *keep* it a *secret*! Why didn't you tell the world, EH?

North Korea Has THE BOMB!

"Every Communist must grasp the truth, "Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun." Problems of War and Strategy Mao Tze-Tung, November 6, 1938, Selected Works, Vol. II, p. 224.

Nuclear Blast

So North Korea has the bomb. Big surprise. Guess that's what happens when we let rogue states bully the UN, rattle their sabres, and generally ignore the requirements of the IAEA. Now what remains to be seen is how the West will deal with a new nuclear power. North Korea has always remained committed to beligerence on the Korean peninsula. The question we must ask ourselves is "Do we truly care about South Korea?" Will we allow the communist North Korea to subsume the free South? Is it still in the interest of the United States to contain the threat of communism, totalitarianism, and nuclear thuggery?

I believe it is still in our interest. The US should then be ready to do whatever is realistically possible to protect South Korea from the aggression of the North. More on that later, as it develops.

This failure in restricting weapons proliferation should also drive us to renewed efforts on another intending nuclear power, Iran. Bush has said that the US cannot allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons. Perhaps now would be a good time to take a page from Menachem Begin's playbook. Back in 1981, which is before many of our time, Israel performed a surgical strike on Iraq's nuclear weapons plant, believing it was intended to produce nuclear weapons. Roundly condemned at the time, Israel's actions are today believed to have prevented Iraq from having nuclear weapons at the time of its invasion of Kuwait in 1990.


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